The Stanleytones
The Stanleytones


The 2005 self-titled studio release from the Stanleytones reflects the essence and passion of the Stanley Brother's classic bluegrass work from the 1950's and '60's. Mirroring these famous Virginia mountain musicians, Ralph and Carter Stanley, the Stanleytones impart pure rich tones. This collection faithfully delivers enjoyable instrumentals and was recorded, produced and mastered in Boulder.

Encompassing traditional and original compositions, the Stanleytones tailored mix features clear vocals and consistently smooth harmonies. The natural "hand-in-glove" harmony delivery generates an ambience of instant warmth. This comfort level bridges the songwriting credits, vocals and rhythmic mandolin strumming of Bryan Clendenin. The efforts of Jim Bertolin's tasteful banjo runs, rolling dobro tone,and vocal work shine acrossthe release.

Along with his two songwriting credits, Bertolin is credited with the arrangement of the traditional tune, "Old Time Banjo." The Stanleytones' rhythm and lead guitarist, Burton McKenzie,brings his confident talent and tenor vocals to the ensemble. The classically trained versatile Ryan Drickey quickly draws his accomplished fiddle bow with ease and sings on the release. The full bass tones are courtesy of Will Downes, with a credit to Jeff Kazmierski.

Three traditional songs, "Old Reuben," "Grey Eagle," and "Goin' Up On A Mountain" convey the assurance of the Stanleytones' traditional bluegrass roots. Respectfully true to their namesake, the Carter Stanley song, "Lonesome Night'' is given loving workmanlike treatment.

Channeled from Virginia's Stanley Brothers, the spirit energy of mountain music is now in the hands of Colorado's Stanleytones. Bluegrass fans already giving thanks for this fine Stanleytones CD, are now requesting, "May I have some more, please?"

Reviewed By Michael Kenna (Colorado Bluegrass Music Society)